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The last time you were up in front of the room were you confident in your ability to give a clear and convincing presentation, or did you feel shaky, nervous, and unsure if the audience was even paying attention?

This talk give you all the tools, strategies, and confidence needed to give an amazing idea pitch, client presentation, or public speech. We cover the essentials of delivery such as body language, eye content, and pauses; dive into content with tools, imagery, messaging, and more; and go over ways to reduce nervousness before and during a presentation. Don't delay, become a better presenter today!

  • Session Time: 60-90 Minutes
  • Focus: Presenting, public speaking, pitching


Explore the basics of gamification: what it is, how it works, its core principles, and how to apply it for customer and employee engagement and motivation.
Games are no longer just a thing for nerds and drinking parties. Companies are using gamification; the process of applying games and game elements to real world situations. This workshop guides participants through the fundamentals of gamification where participants take a turns creating a game of their own and and solving their own important issues in a fun way. Great for problem solvers, fun addicts, and outside-the-box thinkers.

  • Session Time: 1 Hour (approximately)
  • Focus: Innovation, design, employee/customer engagement


This workshop not just for people interested in finding community, but in building one of their own. It will cover the important do’s and dont’s for creating on-going collaborative spaces.

Collaboration, connection, sharing, support, the sum is greater than the parts. No matter how you put it, everyone knows that in creativity, business, and entrepreneurship it sucks to go at it alone. More than just networking or co-working, community provides a place to get inspiration and feel at home. Participants will have the opportunity to put a few concepts into play through mock experiences.

  • Session Time: 60-90 Minutes (flexible)
  • Focus: Collaboration, organizational culture


A behind the scenes look at the entrepreneur experience chock full of insights you won’t find via Google.

We all know that we need a great product/service, a business plan, and some legal support, but what else does it take to start a business? This talk explores networking, personal hustle, and other other characteristics it takes to build a company from the ground up. 

  • Session Time: 30-60 min
  • Focus: Entrepreneurship


What does it take to create a high performance, cohesive team? Learn the essential components and habits that make a super power team in any environment.

What does it take to get started? What's more important, productivity or team member relationships? Who should take on the various roles in a team? This talk answers these questions and more. 

  • Session Time: 30 min
  • Focus: Team building, entrepreneurship, 





A rundown of the best tech tools for team collaborations and strategies for engaged implementation.

With a market awash with communication apps and tools, what are the best for your team? Project management, real-time chat, scheduling; we look at some of the most popular tools as well as a few hidden gems and tips for the most effective uses.  

  • Session Time: 30 min
  • Focus: Entrepreneurship



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Building Collaborative and Inclusive Communities at Dominican University - January 2017

Pitching and Public Speaking at 2112 Incubator - August 31, 2016

Panelist at Interlocal Chicago - August 24, 2016

Featured Speaker at Glappitnova The Big Night Festival - July 14, 2016

Featured Speaker on Making New Friends Podcast - June 29, 2016

Introduction to Gamification and Design at General Assembly - August 16, June 14, & March 24, 2016

Using Games to Create Engaging Classrooms at DePaul University Teaching and Learning Conference - May 20, 2016

Startup Week Featured Guest on Radio Islam - May 5, 2016

Featured Speaker at Canvas Primer - April 21, 2016

Careers in Games Panelist at Chicago Public Library - February 6, 2016

Building Your Team Talk & Startup 101 at DePaul Coleman Entrepreneurship Center - February 15, 2016 & January 12, 2016

Discover Your Inner Awesome Guest Speaker on Idea Lemon Podcast - December 21, 2015

Introduction to Gamification and Design at Geekfest at Groupon - November 10, 2015

Introduction to Gamification at Unique Camp - Oct 30, 2015