Tools I created while teaching and working on my own projects. Click the images to view and download the tools. 

Resume Guide

I created a two-page resume guide based on my own experience along with insights crowdsourced from my network. .

Decision Making Tool

Simple template for creating a quantitative analysis of complex decisions. When paired with a qualitative review, or "how do I feel" check of the results, can be a powerful way to simplify decisions.

Weekly Schedule

To Do List (Excel Matrix)

Productive Thinking 2018

A list of tools and habits sourced from productive people in my network. Published to LinkedIn Jan 2018.

Slack Guide

Slack is a great team communication tool that takes busy emails out of project work. This is a guide on how to get started using it. 

Team Tech Tools

PDF of a presentation with tools for Communication, Productivity, and many other professinoal functions. 

To Do List (Word Doc)