I'm always excited about fresh ideas and new projects. Here's a few of the ideas I'd love to work on at some point.

An app that brings people on public transit together through short, collective bursts of mobile gaming.

Board Game Party - A service that provides rentable, hosted board game sessions for home parties and corporate event.

Brainstorm Partner - A Service for finding people with whom you can brainstorm.

Hustle Camp - A rural retreat for entrepreneurs and freelances that contains a mix of fun, personal, and professional development. 

Favorite Movie - A website/app for comparing favorite movie lists

Game a Day - A blog with a new game/solution invented every day

Inner Circle - A for hire group of brainstormers

Levi's List - A newsletter of things I'm into each week, tools, media, articles, etc.

Pop A Top - Mobile game, it's about 90% done.

Productivity Book - My take on the planner/personal productivity booklet, using my custom to do lists, templates, and quotes.

Solve Anything agency- A website of "consultants for hire" for quick, highly skilled responses to workplace/business problems. 

Startup Stories - Storytelling event with stories from the entrepreneur experience. 

Introvert Extrovert game for classrooms that allows teachers to easily identify personality types. 

Personality Based Productivity - A game that matches work style preference to productivity tools.

Winter Bike clothing website - shows you what to wear to bike year round.

Validation app for ideas/projects - Tinder style.

Cultural empathy game - gets people to understand other experiences and advantages/disadvantages.

A giant Settlers of Catan board.