Stumbling Upon a Simple Recipe For A Strong Community Of Entrepreneurs - Post on Built In Chicago

My friend and fellow C&C member April wrote this great telling of how C&C went from me asking if anyone wanted to hang out and work to a community of 100+ engaged entrepreneurs!


It started with brunch. Like many of his friends, Logan Square's Levi Baer spent Saturday mornings eating at a nearby restaurant. But instead of bringing a hangover, he'd bring an iPad and a to-do list.

One Saturday, thinking he might not be the only person in his circle with work to do on the weekend, Baer posted an open invite on Facebook for friends to join him at Reno. Encouraged by the restaurant's coworking-friendly picnic-table seating, he was soon surrounded by six laptop-wielding peers, all inspired to follow his productive lead. 

While some would see a group of friends intruding on their designated work time as a distraction, Baer saw it as an opportunity: he now had a sounding board, comprised of people with disparate skill sets and knowledge areas. These were friends from the neighborhood, not coworkers, so their collective expertise spanned industries and fields of study. He was surprised by just how many questions he could get answered, and resources he could discover, from asking this group instead of Google.