Insight: Quick and Fun Team Discovery

One of my favorite experiences while working with teams are those moments when the light bulbs turn on over someone's head as they're discovering something new about the people they work with or learning more about themselves. 

Insight, a training game I developed, is full of those light bulb moments!

I have had so much fun playing it with teams who want to learn more about each other, boards of directors who are assessing their skills, and groups of young people who are investigating their career options. 

Are you a part of a group that could benefit from a new and fun method of team discovery? Contact me to begin setting up your session. 

This summer I had the pleasure of working with Omar Ortiz, a finance and marketing student at DePaul University who was placed with me through DePaul's Coleman Entrepreneurship Center. He provided a variety of valuable contributions and took the lead on some projects, including this video that previews Insight! Check out his work and learn more about the game.