Stumbling Upon a Simple Recipe For A Strong Community Of Entrepreneurs - Post on Built In Chicago

My friend and fellow C&C member April wrote this great telling of how C&C went from me asking if anyone wanted to hang out and work to a community of 100+ engaged entrepreneurs!


It started with brunch. Like many of his friends, Logan Square's Levi Baer spent Saturday mornings eating at a nearby restaurant. But instead of bringing a hangover, he'd bring an iPad and a to-do list.

One Saturday, thinking he might not be the only person in his circle with work to do on the weekend, Baer posted an open invite on Facebook for friends to join him at Reno. Encouraged by the restaurant's coworking-friendly picnic-table seating, he was soon surrounded by six laptop-wielding peers, all inspired to follow his productive lead. 

While some would see a group of friends intruding on their designated work time as a distraction, Baer saw it as an opportunity: he now had a sounding board, comprised of people with disparate skill sets and knowledge areas. These were friends from the neighborhood, not coworkers, so their collective expertise spanned industries and fields of study. He was surprised by just how many questions he could get answered, and resources he could discover, from asking this group instead of Google.

Welcome to the New Levi Baer Consulting!

Hello and welcome to my new website! I'm very happy to announce the launch of this this site and my new array of consulting services. I'm pulling together all my years of experience in professional workplaces, nonprofits, entrepreneurship, training, youth work, facilitation, and also my love of games into this project and my current offerings. 

If you you have followed my work in the past, you may be familiar with Bold Bee Consulting, my prior company. My business partner and I choose to wrap up that project while we both move on to other ventures, and this new company is mine!

I have a variety of services and speaking topics ready to deliver that you can learn about on the site, however my goal in this work is simple: 

I want to build superpower teams and collaborative communities.

Superpower teams are groups that act like their members all have superpowers; powers like innovation and leadership, and the ability to avoid the complications most teams face. That type of work should be the standard, but most groups don't put in the necessary orientation and maintenance towards effective communication that makes all the difference. 

Collaborative communities can be created in many different environments, such as social spaces like the one we've been building with Coffee & Conversation, or in spaces where they are less traditional, like a corporate office. I believe there is a lot of room for companies to improve the way they share information internally and external, solve problems, manage onboarding, and create a place where staff thrive. 

I love problem solving; each new challenge is like a game to me, where overcoming the obstacles involves strategy, optimism, and making the most of the resources within yourself and your network. I've had a great time with the work I've done so far, creating workshops for students, guiding teams through orientation, and facilitating engagement in coworking communities. 

I'm excited about what's next and I'd love to hear about your work and how we can collaborate, so please follow along on Twitter and Instagram, follow along this blog for weekly updates, and stay in touch with your ideas for projects.


My friends at  Idea Lemon  and  Start Stop Do  played my skill discovery game Insight with me at  The Shift  coworking space. Photo by  Sara Faraj .

My friends at Idea Lemon and Start Stop Do played my skill discovery game Insight with me at The Shift coworking space. Photo by Sara Faraj.