Radio Guest Speaker: Small Business Week on Radio Islam

I had the pleasure of joining Radio Islam during Small Business Week (early May 2016) to talk about Coffee & Conversation and the culture of abundance we have been fostering for over two years. Their hour long segment runs daily from 6-7pm; I joined them for a short conversation. Click here or on the image below to listen to the segment; I come in around 14:10.

Careers in Focus: Gaming - Chicago Public Library

Careers in Focus: Gaming

On Saturday, February 6, I joined the Chicago Public Library's awesome YouMedia space along with many other gaming professionals from the Chicagoland area for a day focus teens interested in careers in gaming. I got to play my game Insight with a lot of motivated and curious youth and talk about their interest in games. We used Insight to look at their own skills and interests and discuss the many ways they might use them to pursue a career that makes the most of both. 

I also participated on a panel of people who all work with games in different ways; some as storytellers, some video game designers, but all of whom shed light on games being much more than just "fun". They are fun! However, I know they would all agree with my statement, that games can "solve anything".


Gamification Leads to Better Design: Talk at Groupon's Geekfest

On November 10, 2015 I gave a talk on gamification at Groupon's headquarters in Chicago as part of their weekly Geekfest speaker series. They record all of these talks, so I am able to share this presentation, which used a handout and activities to engage the audience.