Building Community: Interview with Be Like Peter

In August 2015 I interviewed with Be Like Peter a site that shares the stories of founders and artists. I enjoyed speaking on the challenge of bringing collaborative communities to organizations! Read one paragraph here, and check out the rest on

On community-building in organizations:
So how do you take the concepts and results experienced in unstructured organic environments and apply them to structured hierarchies of organizations?

“The importance of building a community in an organization is a big question. It is about applying the values of collaboration and face to face communication. We need to push the boundaries of traditional work spaces where there is usually a competitive work environment of trying to get promotions and recognition that translates into, ‘I need to do better than the person next to me.’ Community building turns that on its head and makes you think about what you can do if resources are unabashedly being shared and if people aren’t afraid of giving up their ideas to the greater good of the group.” Read on...

Drawing by  Francesco Dibattista , based on photo by  Sara Faraj .

Drawing by Francesco Dibattista, based on photo by Sara Faraj.

Levi Baer

Chicago, IL