Hi, I'm Levi!                                                       

I believe in a world where everyone has access to the resources and tools to advance their ideas and projects. I advance my ideas through consulting and a variety of projects.

As a consultant, I am available for the following opportunities:

  • Team Building Workshops using games, personality type, and hands-on training experiences
  • Speaking on communication, gamification, and team dynamics
  • Coaching for individuals that are launching ideas or seeking productivity

I love games! I designed my own team building game, Insight, and teach classes on gamification; using games to solve real world problems. 

For over two years I have been building community with Coffee & Conversation, a social group for entrepreneurs and innovators to share ideas and inspiration. We meet monthly, join us!

Feel free to contact me and let's talk about building your Project, team, and community!

Fun Facts

I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under two minutes.

I was once the second best Settlers of Catan player in North America.